Storm Damage

N.J. Carroll & Associates can help you with your storm damage claim.

Storm damage is actually extremely common in Ireland and it is very important that it is dealt with appropriately in order to prevent any further damage to the property.

Professional advice in dealing with storm damage repairs

Storm damage is usually caused by gale force winds, resulting in rain water or flooding waters entering the property. Unfortunately, storm damage can occur as a result of general wear and tear. For instance, slates or tiles may have come loose due to age or poor maintenance. This would not be regarded as storm damage and hence, cover would be excluded in this scenario.

Other situations where storm damage would arise would be if rain water overflows from a roof valley or even a blocked outlet in a parapet wall. This would all be covered under the storm damage, or escape of water peril. Storm damage can often lead to other damage within the property such as water damage to ceilings and walls, damaged floor coverings and decorative works. These can all be very expensive to repair.

Assisting you with the arduous process of making a storm damage claim

The first port of call when you suffer a storm damage claim is to get your roof examined by a competent roofer to establish the extent of the repairs. The insurance company will require a roofers report so that they can officially deal with your claim. Photographs of the initial damage are important here as any necessary emergency repairs that may need to be carried before the insurance company are able to inspect could potentially prejudice your position. We can offer you expert advice and will be able to handle and negotiate your storm damage claim in a proficient and professional manner. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Loss Assessors and claims handlers.


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