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The Importance of Reviewing Your Sums Insured

Home insurance is split into two parts:-

  1. Buildings insurance
  2. Contents insurance

Buildings insurance is required so that the cost of rebuilding your house is covered in the event that is destroyed. Unfortunately however, it is extremely common that homeowners either completely underestimate how much they think they should insure their house for, or, they are given incorrect advice as to what they should insure for.

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What is a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor works on behalf of the insured or policyholder in the preparation and negotiation of an insurance claim. He or she are experts in all matters relating to construction and thus are beneficial to have on your side when trying to deal with the insurance company. Once a claim has been notified to the insurance company, they will appoint a firm of Loss Adjusters to handle the claim on their behalf. A Loss Assessor will then deal with a Loss Adjuster so you don’t have to. Whether you have a claim relating to escape of water, storm, subsidence, fire or flood, a highly qualified Loss Assessor can work for you in making sure that you receive the fairest and best settlement available.

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